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The nanoTRAINO is a portable stretcher sled that we can always have in our backpack in order to be ready to react in the event of an outdoor incident.

Be ready. Be a leader.

• Lightweight and compact, fits easily in the backpack. Minimum weight: 520g, weight with pulling set: 640g
• Simple and intuitive in an emergency situation. Manipulated with large mittens.
• Durable and resistant to practice and keep it for a long time.

Manufactured and developed in Gaspésie, Qc.

We recommend that you have first aid training and proper practice before using this sled for an actual rescue.
NanoTRAINO assumes no responsibility for accidents and aggravated injuries related to the use of the evacuation sled. .

This sled is NOT a spinal immobilizer. This sled is NOT designed for vertical rescue.

Maximum weight: 300 lbs

Additional information

Weight0.640 kg
Dimensions40 × 7.5 × 7.5 cm