What are the differences between the nanoTRAINO nT1 and nT2?

The nanoTRAINO nT2 is the evolution of the nT1. Both stretchers are equally easy to use and function in the same way. However, the nT2 version is lighter, more compact, and more durable than the nT1.

Who is the nanoTRAINO for?

The nanoTRAINO stretchers are for anyone who travels away from the road network. They have become the standard for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure guides. They are also relevant for:
-Search and rescue teams;
-Fire departments;
-Sports events;
-Schools that have outdoor activities;
-Maple syrup producers;
-All those who work in the forest;
-The military;
-Ski patrols;

If you are away from the road network, the nanoTRAINO is for you!

During which seasons can the nanoTRAINO be used?

The nanoTRAINO stretcher sleds are designed to be used all year round. They can be pulled like a sled on snow or smooth surfaces such as grass. They can also be used as a stretcher to move an injured person on uneven ground, such as a trail in the summer.

Do I have to know how to tie knots to use the nanoTRAINO?

There are no knots to tie to use the nanoTRAINO or the traction kit that comes with it. In case of emergency, it is important to be able to trust our tools. That’s why the nanoTRAINO is simple and intuitive to use.
The nanoTRAINO is an evacuation system for everyone!

Does the nanoTRAINO have an integrated tarp?

The nT1 and nT2 models do not have an integrated tarp. We are working on such a product which will be available in 2023.

How many people are needed to handle the nanoTRAINO?

The nanoTRAINO stretcher sleds can be handled alone or in a team. The more people you have, the easier it will be to move an injured person.
In winter, it is generally easier to use the nanoTRAINO in sled mode and to pull the injured person. The traction kit provided with the nanoTRAINO allows for at least four or six people to pull. Simply add a rope to increase this number as you wish.

In summer, it is often easier to use the nanoTRAINO in stretcher mode, using the handles distributed on each side. If you are alone, two or more than six people, you only need to insert two solid branches into the handles to transform the nanoTRAINO into a stretcher. This way, you can pull or lift the person much more easily.

What is nanoTRAINO’s shipping policy?

Stretchers are usually shipped within 6 to 72 hours.

What is nanoTRAINO’s limited warranty?

NanoTRAINO emergency stretchers are made in Quebec and are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 12 months. If you have a problem with your nanoTRAINO, please contact us with your name and date of purchase.

What is nanoTRAINO’s return and cancellation policy?

Cancellation policy
It is possible to cancel an order before it is sentby mail.
Once the order has been shipped, it will not be possible to cancel it.

To cancel your order, please contact us specifying your order number, the item(s) to be canceled, and the reason for your cancellation request.

A full refund will be issued to the credit card
usedto make the payment.

Return and Exchange Policy
A return will be accepted within 30 days of the purchas NanoTRAINO is not responsible for the transport costs relatedto the return.

All returned items must be new
and accompanied by proof of purchase. NanoTRAINO reserves the right to refuse a return if the item is damaged or shows signs of wear.

Please mail your item to us at the following address :
276 Monté
ede Corte Real
Gaspé, QC
G4X 6S2

If you have another question, write us!

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